About Us

It all started at age thirteen when I left my loving family in Nazi Germany on the Kindertransport and became a lost and lonely refugee in England. There came a day that I refused to get up in the morning and was sent at age fifteen to a London County Council Residential Nursery School for war -affected children. I discovered that I loved children and they in turn loved me.

Now at eighty-seven I realize the above has defined my life and led to very many community related activities: one after the other.

"Fun is doing things together" said Nelson Mandela,: "start by singing, add dancing and now I am eighty going on ninety I still love doing both. " And so do I. Multi-media Tribute Celebrations, started at Conard High School in West Hartford, Connecticut and have continued. Let Theresa Glennon explain:"This innovative program welcomes all...This year's cast includes fifty students and many others are involved in the technical and business aspects... It gives us all a common purpose more than a simple learning experience.

Kennedy Center Honors of TributeSenators Ribicoff & Weiker invited us to attend a
session in Congress

Understanding you, me - life - all take on new meaning. Because tributes are to great people, we begin to understand what greatness is. Camus taught us " honesty is the essential ingredient in man's relation to man "...Mark Twain preached courage and conviction... James Thurber insisted that hope and life will, and must, always exist. And George Gershwin shows us the joy of freedom in all his music. To demonstrate this, the dancers have incorporated movements of the Panovs, who escaped tyranny in Russia. We were able to showcase this in the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. We have grown to love one another and are proud of the results.

Then we added inner city schools. Our very first tribute involving many schools was to Langston Hughes; two of them were the Bridgeport and Trumbull Schools. A major sponsor was the People's Bank. the CEO, Mr. David Carson insisted on being the Master of Ceremonies.