Post War

Concentration Camp drawingsConcentration Camp drawing -
I am cold

Later as a young adult, I wanted to find out about my family and what happened during the war. I was given the opportunity to become an interpreter/censor for the Third Army of Occupation in Munich, Germany on September 1945. What I saw and learned was more frightening than anything else I had experienced thus far. Some members of the military were able to arrange bringing food and supplies to Foehrenwald Displaced Persons Camp. I’ll never forget our first arrival there. We were surrounded by barely walking skeletons.

Another drawingConcentration Camp Drawing -
if Only

Where were my parents? Shivers ran through my body. I started to pray. What could I do?


And then I met Yakov, a survivor of the Warsaw Ghetto and Dachau. Then he told me how important it was to bear witness in order to further human rights and to diminish indifference . He showed me some drawings made with pieces of charcoal on rice paper. One of those drawings “I Am Cold” decorated the front cover of the first Connecticut Teacher Resource Manual.