ID card issued by Nazi GovermentGerman ID Card

I became a refugee in Ipswich Yet despite being free from Nazi hate, I was desperately lonely and unhappy. My temporary guardians neither smiled, nor showed any interest in any kind of conversation. They believed "happy activities" spoiled children." I did a lot of weeping and praying while looking at the stars and began to realize (PHOTO) that love, acceptance and laughter are necessary ingredients in order to mature. After two years I could hardly bear to get up and go to school.


Nursery Helper:

My guardians took me out of school and put me on a train to Hertford to become a nursery helper in a London County Council residential nursery for war- affected children. I was fifteen years old and suddenly acquired a family of six children. I was reborn and happy. I told the children stories, sang songs, played and laughed with them. Papa was right. He knew that in spite of sadness, longing and fear, relating to children would be my salvation. I discovered that joint story-telling, singing, marching, clapping hands, using sticks to draw pictures in the mud (it rained a lot), worked miracles. Simply put, I made my assigned six children happy and they, in turn, made me happy.